25 January 2011

I kind of look like a Hobbit, and that's okay.

I left the house today in cute little flats... You see I had a gift card to JC Penny and they had almost everything at 80% off. So I splurged and got 4 pairs of shoes that all are very cute but really need to broken in. So, since Utah has been unnaturally warm this week I decided why not do it now. Obviously the state of Utah heard me and called in a nice little snow shower today. May I mention when I went home for lunch my car had an inch of snow on it and my cute little flats were immediately swallowed up in the white powdery stuff. Please don't misunderstand me I love snow. Snow and I have a very special relationship, in fact snow has made an appearance in 90% of the top moments of my life including but not limited to; My first kiss with my husband, our wedding, and the one and only time my house was totally and completely clean. That being said snow and cute snake skin flats don't mix I mean I am not a reptile connoisseur but I haven't seen any snakes donning parkas and braving the cold this winter, so I headed home my little piggies shivering all the way. I took the trash that I had set out last night and threw it away and ran inside my house for some comfort. Now of course I should have found some practical shoes with good treads so that I would minimize my falling potential from 100% possibility to 85% but I have on the only pair of jeans that are clean and they are my cute flat jeans and just a little to short for any sturdy shoes that I own. It's weird I know but pant length is a huge part of my life I chalk it up to years of being unable to find anything long enough for my legs ( but I digress). I fed our two giants and then sat down for a quick The Real Housewives of NY episode and before I knew it I needed to get back to work. realizing that I had been foolish and not washed my jeans the night before like I thought I should. I quickly tried on a pair of boots hoping beyond hope that they would look okay. Unfortunately, Noah would have been proud with my preparedness, they looked awful. Scrambling and feeling a time crunch I found the one pair of warm shoes that I own. My furry and fluffy slippers. You see I did something to every single one of my toes on my right foot about a month ago and couldn't wear an actual shoe for thirty days because of the pain. My mom was really nice and bought me some cute furry slippers that were just big enough to fit the enormous piggy's and the slippers quickly became my favorite. I try not to dress like I rolled out of bed and go anywhere so these slippers really don't make much of an outdoor appearance. Today of course they did. I never really looked at my feet until I was walking into my office and realized that I look like I have hobbit feet. Little furry brown feet that are not hidden very well under cute flat wearing pants. Moral to the story when your subconscious suggests you do laundry the night before what inevitably will be a snowstorm so that you don't have to walk around with furry feet. Do it, it will save you some all be it small bits of embarrassment. As always, -S


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