18 January 2011

Thinking 'bout things Tuesday!

I hate change, I despise it and reject it in all forms. I know this loathing of change is ridiculous but I can't help it. I love the mundane of life, getting up at the same time everyday going to work, school, and doing all of the tasks that accompany them. Why did I get on this rant all of the sudden? I realized that I am actually graduating from college. After four long years I am completing my run as an undergraduate and I'm not sure I like it. What I mean to say is... I love that I am graduating, I will finally have something (a pretty pretty diploma) to show for all of my time spent in various classrooms around campus. That being said I am a huge scaredy cat when I start thinking of things and changes to come. I equate the feeling to going up a steady slope on a roller coaster and then getting to the pinnacle where the car begins to waiver ever so slightly making your toes curl and your stomach decide to join the witness protection program because it thinks you're trying to kill it. This feeling although invigorating hits at all the worst moments like today in the car when I was driving past my old dorm and slap the realization that change was coming hit me in the stomach. Memories flooded me from freshman year and I was back in another time. Despite how scary change may be I think I am coming to terms that change will never change it will always come when you are most comfortable with your surroundings. I have always gotten over the initial feeling of change and I have in most cases breezed though it with flying colors but I often forget that everything no matter what happens will turn out for the best. Does this ever happen to you? Leave a comment and let me know what big changes are coming up in your life and if you are excited for them or not! As always, -S


  1. Oh girl, I know how you feel! I'll graduate in August, and then it will be off to who-knows-where for Kyle to go to graduate school! I always like to have a plan, and know what's going to happen... But I definitely don't. I am pretty excited though! Although I'm like you and sometimes scared of change...

  2. I am a change hater myself. Some changes are good but I still get scared. Congratulations on graduation!


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