16 February 2011

Gasp... Coach we aren't in high school anymore!

Last night I found out three fundamental truths. 1. I am officially old (and loving it) 2. I am no longer in high school 3. High school never actually changes How did I realize these truths you may ask, I went to a high school basketball game. T and I went to support some of his students and obviously have an enlightening moment. First I sat in the stands. I have never before sat in the stands at a high school basketball game, I was always cheering in the student section. I looked around me and I was surrounded by excited parents and PTA members. I quickly realized that I was old now, I will now sit at games and get comfortable, I will constantly think about telling the high school students in front of me to take their annoying flirtations somewhere else because I am trying to watch the game and I so don't care about who poked who first. Second, I am no longer in high school. Whew... glad I finally realized that aren't ya. What I mean is I realized that I am a completely different person than those students in the gym last night. I think rationally most of the time and I know that doughnuts are really never your friend and they will catch up with you eventually. I also realized after the doughnut affirmation that I will never be the "high school skinny" version of myself that I have heard from the local weight loss guru, and I am okay with that- I think. Third, everything changes but high school. I have never been so taken back into the past as when I walked in that school and past the Booster moms taking tickets. Even though it was a different school, different kids and teachers I felt like I was sixteen again going to cheer on a team that for all intensive purposes would not win the game. I think that is why some people never really leave high school, its a constant there will always be teachers that care and over flowing teen drama. It was nice to have a blast from the past and then get catapulted into reality when I went home with my husband and watched HGTV. It's funny how life and priorities change when you leave high school in fact I would have made my high school self sick if she knew how many times I have gone to class in sweats with my hair in a pony tail and then wore basically the same outfit the next day. So to end have a nice day adults because that's what you are. Be proud of it- As always, -S
01 February 2011

Hello all!

It's already one of those weeks for me. The weeks where the house stays a mess, the hubs has to forage outside for food and a shower seems like a distant escape. It all started yesterday at lunch when we came home to feed these two hooligans and found that this little monster had cut open her tail. It was gross so I wont show you pictures because you would regret eating lunch and people should never regret eating in my opinion. I post a picture of her cute little bandage though ( if she lets me). Right after we found her tail was cut I had to take her to the vet to get it cleaned and wrapped. Unfortunately on the way home we had to turn around because the cute pink bandage they put on had fallen off- imagine my face right at that moment. We then got it re-bandaged after almost having to hog tie her to the ground. Once we got home I remembered we had nothing for dinner, three minutes later the hubs came home and was starved. He looked at my face and called for Chinese that is less that 1/4 of a mile from our house to deliver. Even though its been two days so far I have high hopes for improvement either that or our house will get enveloped into a sink hole that was never discovered and you will see us homeless on the news. On the upside of things its February 1st and I have some great projects to share with you for your valentines day decorating. I promise I will post them in the coming days so y'all can spruce up your abode but for now I have a whiny puppy to take care of. As always, -S
Hey y'all I am Sara otherwise known as the Desperately Happy Housewife. When I am not working I am busy crafting, blogging and re-decorating my house. I channel Lucille Ball and Lauren Graham on a daily basis to get me through the "Oh my gosh I just sewed my finger" moments that often happen. I hope you stay a while and get a chance to see what makes me desperately happy.

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