16 February 2011

Gasp... Coach we aren't in high school anymore!

Last night I found out three fundamental truths. 1. I am officially old (and loving it) 2. I am no longer in high school 3. High school never actually changes How did I realize these truths you may ask, I went to a high school basketball game. T and I went to support some of his students and obviously have an enlightening moment. First I sat in the stands. I have never before sat in the stands at a high school basketball game, I was always cheering in the student section. I looked around me and I was surrounded by excited parents and PTA members. I quickly realized that I was old now, I will now sit at games and get comfortable, I will constantly think about telling the high school students in front of me to take their annoying flirtations somewhere else because I am trying to watch the game and I so don't care about who poked who first. Second, I am no longer in high school. Whew... glad I finally realized that aren't ya. What I mean is I realized that I am a completely different person than those students in the gym last night. I think rationally most of the time and I know that doughnuts are really never your friend and they will catch up with you eventually. I also realized after the doughnut affirmation that I will never be the "high school skinny" version of myself that I have heard from the local weight loss guru, and I am okay with that- I think. Third, everything changes but high school. I have never been so taken back into the past as when I walked in that school and past the Booster moms taking tickets. Even though it was a different school, different kids and teachers I felt like I was sixteen again going to cheer on a team that for all intensive purposes would not win the game. I think that is why some people never really leave high school, its a constant there will always be teachers that care and over flowing teen drama. It was nice to have a blast from the past and then get catapulted into reality when I went home with my husband and watched HGTV. It's funny how life and priorities change when you leave high school in fact I would have made my high school self sick if she knew how many times I have gone to class in sweats with my hair in a pony tail and then wore basically the same outfit the next day. So to end have a nice day adults because that's what you are. Be proud of it- As always, -S


  1. Definitely understand this. The last paragraph especially rings true to me.

  2. I don't miss high school. At all. Just thinking about it frightens me sometimes. Were we ever so young? And naive? And obnoxious? I think I was. I do miss you though. There's a huge lack of you in my life, Sara.


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