29 March 2011


Hello All, I would like to welcome you to the 'those who don't understand Utah weather anonymous' group. Today we will discuss the damaging effects that changing weather has on all of our fragile psyches. I will start my name is Sara and I am confused by Utah weather. I just get up the gumption to blog about the coming of spring and then it snows. I feel a little betrayed by the weather. That's all. Now onto more important things- Have you ever completely surprised yourself ? I just did, I almost gave myself a slight heart attack. To explain my shock, the hubs and I decided to start a garden. we had to plant the seeds inside so that they could get their bearings before we transplant them outside. We planted them about two weeks ago and religiously watered them. For two weeks I saw nothing then yesterday Boom. a sprig of green in three of the four planters. I lost control when I saw them and did a rain dance or green thumb dance in celebration that my black thumb curse had actually ceased to work on these plants. In other news though I have turned in my final two projects for this semester! When I complete my English course I will be a college graduate. Not The Graduate. Don't get confused I don't usually like middle aged anything including cheese and meat products. T and I are three weeks from a long needed graduation vacation. We're headed to the south where portions are huge and summers are warm. I plan on watching Sweet Home Alabama to get myself ready for all of the southern hospitality. That and eating cheese biscuits lots and lots of cheese biscuits. Get ready to start seeing a slightly pudgier Sara in the upcoming weeks. Now all I can think of are cheese biscuits. Watering mouth. I'll leave you be and go get some of those cheese biscuits.


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Hey y'all I am Sara otherwise known as the Desperately Happy Housewife. When I am not working I am busy crafting, blogging and re-decorating my house. I channel Lucille Ball and Lauren Graham on a daily basis to get me through the "Oh my gosh I just sewed my finger" moments that often happen. I hope you stay a while and get a chance to see what makes me desperately happy.

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