16 March 2011

I need a break

Hello all- Let me first answer questions- 1. Yes it has been quite a while 2. No we have not be off gallivanting 3. Yes I have missed you Its been crazy the past month we have had so many things happen that sometimes I think trials come in hoards instead of one at a time. Fortunately for my sanity it should all be coming to an end so so so soon! But enough with life at the brown home its time to get down to business. I am writing as a relief from writing- I know it sounds weird but I'll explain. I am taking my final English class over the internet right now and I have to write a swamp full of papers, literally I hate figured out that I hate writing when I don't get to choose what I write about. Have you ever felt that way when people tell you what to do? I do quite constantly actually especially when I get asked to shut a door all the way. Who is my hubs to tell me that its letting the cold in... Just kidding a little but maybe just a little. I have through this course though found out that I take for granted how I love talking to you- the few of you that read I like hearing your opinions to my ramblings so keep them coming I need them so that I don't end up at a funny farm talking about the essential elements of rhetorical theory. Now its back to the writing of rhetoric. Ew


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Hey y'all I am Sara otherwise known as the Desperately Happy Housewife. When I am not working I am busy crafting, blogging and re-decorating my house. I channel Lucille Ball and Lauren Graham on a daily basis to get me through the "Oh my gosh I just sewed my finger" moments that often happen. I hope you stay a while and get a chance to see what makes me desperately happy.

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