19 March 2011

Spring has sprung-

It's been warm outside most of the week and in the set of directions that came with me at birth its noted that if the temperature hits over 50 degrees for more than three consecutive days my body will forever more think that its spring, even if on the fourth day there is a blizzard. You can find me outside in some yoga capris now instead of my good old BYU sweats that have been banned from coming outside the house because they have been so well loved that my family doesn't want to see them anymore -that's another story for another time- But in all actuality Spring is here and I am now in transform mode. My house goes through moods just like I do- go figure. This week it has been in the I don't give a care mood. Just take a look at the buffet in our entryway. (I trust you understand that I show you this in confidence and I don't want you to go and spread the word that my house is a gigantic trash pile right now. Thanks.) So that being said- I went shopping on Saturday as sort of a break from the mounds of homework that I seem to accrue during the semester no matter how hard I try not to. I bought some great things for spring decorating and I am so excited to show them to you and first thing is to get my house cleaned- Spring cleaned to be exact, that means the oven, windows and fridge that I so lovingly put off cleaning will actually be my undoing over the next week or so. Second make it have some personality. I always like when a space shows its character and the character of the people that live there, and until I have a house load of kids I can usually keep things in their place long enough for people to notice. I did finish my first set of no sew curtains about a week ago to put in our office/ library. They turned out great and I love that there isn't wavy stitching to detract from the cute fabric. Again, I will have to post after the spring cleaning has happened. Do you ever feel like you watch certain movies during certain seasons? I recently noticed that I do in Fall I love to watch movies like When Harry Met Sally and seasons of Gilmore Girls but in the Spring I fall in love with 10 Things I Hate About You and You've Got Mail. I don't know what it is about them but they like certain spices get me geared up for the new season. In fact I am going to go and put in one of these favorites right now because I need a pick me up. Today was one of those days, that all in all was not bad but certain events made it feel like it would never end. I'll share one, not because you really want to know but because I can and will whine to all of you without any noticeable eye rolling. To begin we are renovating our basement-it's a lot of work- So the hubs and I decided to divide and concur. I went to one of those big hardware stores that have overtaken mom and pop shops to get supplies while the hubs stayed back and did everything from framing to some landscaping. Why I went alone I have no idea I think it was a mini inner feminist that says I can do anything myself without help and don't say otherwise (don't take that the wrong way, I can do quite a bit myself but sometimes my inner amazonian feels like she needs to tackle a bear thirty seven times her size) but I digress. I went to a gigantic store to get 37 sheets of blue insulation, 5 tubes of liquid nails, and 8 2x4's. To say it straight I had to switch carts three times because of the gigantic load I had, was never asked if I needed help, began to cry three times because a 2x4 had hit me in the head- neck- face- smashed fingers- loosened a tooth ( you get the idea). I was going to check out and almost ran over a child. By the time I got my cart to the counter a Good Samaritan asked if I could use a 10% off coupon that he was going to use for a 17.00 light fixture. I not thinking said sure I would split the difference in the money I saved with him. I did save quite a bit but once I got home I realized that I had actually bought his light fixture and saved about 15.00. He helped me put my gigantic purchase into my car but I couldn't help but laugh when I got home that the good Samaritan got a free light, at least I don't feel obligated to send him cookies. Did I mention while putting my booty into my car I got slapped in the face 15 times by blue styrofoam? I did its not as fun as it sounds. By the time I got home I was fuming, I irrationally yelled at the hubs for making me go alone and then sat in the bathroom and cried because I was a wimp and got a headache from styrofaom- It was definitely a Dr. Pepper day to say the least and I did get two giant DP's to comfort my ego. Did the day get better you ask- why yes it did, I learned that I had over purchased said styrofoam by about $100.00 so we were able to take that back and when I thought I hadn't been noticed by anyone who actually worked at the big chain establishment I was greeted by the Customer Service clerk who said, "Didn't you buy these this morning?" Me, "Yep, I was the one" Clerk, "Ha, yeah I just saw a giant cart of blue styrofoam" Me, "Hopefully the child I almost ran over recovered from her near death experience. I was also the girl that was chasing the foam all over the parking lot because it flew off of the cart." Clerk, "yeah I saw that, it explains why that one over there is so dirty." Then I gave him a dirty look and he quickly handed me my change because he could tell I wasn't pleased with the whole ordeal. That's my end to the story- It was traumatic and to sum it up Lowes made me feel low. ha- But the hubs and his dad were able to get all of it up and ready to drywall so it wasn't for naught! Now I am going to gorge myself on what's left of my humongous Dr. Pepper and 10 Things I Hate About You because I can justify doing so- because its spring. As Always, S-


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