20 December 2012

It's Snowing outside

My wish came true this year y'all. It has snowed in December. Living in Utah its what I grew up with and I always appreciated a frigidly white Christmas.  Last year I felt like it was an Indian Winter.
(Can I say is that not a PC term anymore? oh well...) it really didn't snow and from what I can remember it was unusually warm. Total bummer.

So to celebrate I have decided to share two great giveaways!

This giveaway comes from one really cute and talented girl. Her name is Kelsey and she has found a passion for blog design. (You can see one of the blogs she has helped here... yup right here no hyperlink necessary! You can also go here ) I heard about this one from her blog. She is giving away an awesome Blog Design Package- Let me tell you A. This is such a great giveaway  B. She is a miracle worker and helps to make your ideas come to life. So check out how to enter here.

  The second giveaway I have for you is (imagine a drum roll).... A custom made Melly and Me Magoo made by me for you! Now I know its a little late to call this a Christmas giveaway since Christmas is 7 Days away (I literally just made this face). So... Let's call it a New Years Eve Giveaway! Is that all it comes with you ask?? Of course not! Would I just give you a stuffed monkey and leave you to your own devices? Never.

This Giveaway Includes;
1. Customized Magoo Monkey ( either for a girl or a boy)
2. 2 Customized Burp Cloths
3. 5 coordinating Baby Wash Cloths
All of this will be yours tied up with string and other beautiful things. I bet you want to know how to enter huh?!

Well its easy-
1. Comment on this post and tell me what you really want for Christmas.
2. Like my page on Facebook and tell me one of your favorite holiday traditions.
3. Follow me on Instagram or Pinterest and post a picture of my Zoombini Santa.

The drawing will happen on December 30th. That is of course if the world doesn't end on December 21st In which case our need for a Magoo pack will be rather limited.


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