07 February 2013

Cleaning plan- Living Spaces

Hey All-

Since my house has been ground zero for the seasonal cleaning movement I thought I might post some beginning steps that we are working on to get everything in order before we really get to the nitty gritty.

1. Divide your home into living spaces.
                This was easy for us since each room that we have is small enough that it is really only used for one or two purposes.
                                  Living Space 1- Living Room
                                  Living Space 2- Kitchen/ Dining Room
                                  Living Space 3- Bedroom
                                  Living Space 4- Office/ Craft Room
                                  Living Space 5- Bathroom
2. Designate a color for each living space. ( This will come in handy if you need choose to use charts)
                                  Living Space 1-Dark Blue
                                  Living Space 2-Red
                                  Living Space 3-Light Blue
                                  Living Space 4-Yellow
                                  Living Space 5-Green

3. Purchase a bin in each color that is small enough to go from room to room.

4. I line the each bin up on my living room wall and start in one space and gather all of the things that don't belong. I then take the items to the designated bin and deposit the items to be put away once I finish my sweep.

5.  One the initial sweep is done then I take each bucket and put them items that have accumulated away.

This is just the sweeping phase of Seasonal cleaning. I have found that its hard to deep clean a space properly when you don't start off with a clean palette. After my sweep I then tackle some weekly needs- Laundry, Dishes,dusting, and vacuuming. You know the basics. In our little home and with me working full time this will usually take me 1-2 nights. I try to reserve 2 Saturdays a month to cleaning when I am trying to clean seasonally. to be honest though if I could work all day on one Saturday without the Hubbs talking me into doing something that isn't productive at all I would only need one Saturday a month, but that's life right. So, I'll let you get your basic sweep going and then we will start the seasonal deep cleaning! 


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