01 February 2013

It's winter cleaning time peepe!

That's right I am sure like most of you I have had the dream of expanding Spring cleaning into seasonal cleaning. I think its the insane amount of Hoarders episodes that I have watched but at least it gets me to cleaning and organizing right? ( eww, I literally get the chills when I think about the bugs and larvae on that show now I am going to go run around my building to get the creeps off of me)

Hey, I'm back and out of breath, so I started my winter cleaning when the Hubbs was gone to a work seminar down in Las Vegas...I managed to do half of a cabinet before my crafty brain started to work in overtime. I looked at my corner cabinet where I keep our medications and spices and thought there has got to be a better way to organize this. At the time everything was shoved together, Tylenol next to cumin and curry powder next to lozenges, and to top it off I had spilled a giant canister of dried parsley on the bottom shelf like 6 months ago and still hadn't cleaned it up ( go ahead judge me).

That lead me to think about how much I like to cook and how much easier cooking would be if I could find things easier. I began to work on plans for a door organizing systems using some really cute tins, sheet metal and magnets. So in the mean time while trying to organize one cabinet i managed to make a complete mess of every other corner of my house. The best part- I haven't even completed the cabinet organization yet... but you better believe there will be a tutorial on it. It's going to be really cute and I think very practical in the long run.

In other news, I have been completely obsessed with patterns and sewing lately you see my sister M is pregnant with a little girl. Her first to be exact and the whole family is stoked and completely and furiously crafting for baby Liv. After having two boys I think M is pretty excited to have someone dress in pink and get pedicures with so we are trying to equip her with everything necessary to have an awesome and completely outfitted little girl. I have labeled the event Project Baby Liv. If you have any really cute baby girl ideas post a comment or shoot me an email.



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