08 February 2013

The dreaded corner spice cabinet-

I don't know about y'all but I have certain areas within my home that I detest. I mean I really loathe them. It's not necessarily any one thing about that area but more multiple little things, they are awkwardly shaped, out of the way, and tend to magnetize junk into their every crevasse. They are the bane (don't for one second think the Batman reference escaped me) of my cleaning existence, well that and the oven- the oven....oh eventually it'll get what's coming to it.

That's besides the point however, the corner spice cabinet is what I'm tackling today. I know it seems small and insignificant but really y'all this change has made the BIGGEST difference in my daily life. I like to cook and bake more, cleanup is easier, and the Hubbs is even helping in the kitchen. I know, you say can't be... no one cabinet can make that that big of a difference- I'm not kidding folks it really has and I am so excited to share.

First things first I did my cabinet reorganization all sorts of backwards so I'm going to give you the steps on how I would do them knowing what I know now.

1. Go through all of the spices and other things that seem to accumulate in space. Throw away all of expired spices, if your spices don't have an expiration date my rule of thumb is to get rid of them after a year. You see most spices don't really go bad in the ways we think. Generally, they don't mold or cause you to get food poisoning but they lose their flavor. There are two great spice articles from Cooking Light that you can read here and here.

2. Count the spices that you have decided to keep. Then decide if you want to transfer them into new containers. I decided to because I have OCD tenancies and I like things to match. Little tiny  plastic bottles with behemoth ones make my skin crawl. I chose some cute metal tins and some little glass jars from here. I can't tell you how happy I was with their prices and their product. Everything that I purchased is awesome! -I promise they aren't paying me for my opinion so it's the real deal people-  

You can see the wire basket here.
3. I then went to the dollar store and purchased some baskets. Now with the dollar store you take what you can get and all they had were white wire baskets. So to make them match I picked up some Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint and laid a few coats on them.

4.Once I received the jars and bottles in the mail I went ahead and used some chalkboard spray paint that I had from a previous project and sprayed some regular Joe paper labels. I sprayed them once and them dry then sprayed them again for good measure. I also sprayed the lids of the glass jars twice. This way once a spice is gone I am not dedicated to having to use the same container again. You could also use a permanent marker or label maker to identify each spice.

5. I cleaned all of the jars and bottles with warm soapy water and dried them thoroughly. Then emptied the spices in an labeled them. After that was all done I kept thinking that just stacking the tins wasn't going to help anything and I needed a clever way to display them without taking up precious counter space. I came up with the idea to use a piece of pre-cut sheet metal to attach the tins to with magnets.

6. I measured my cabinet door and Home Depot actually had a piece that fit the dimensions that I needed perfectly. But there was a small problem that I hadn't noticed until after everything was purchased and tags ripped off. The sheet metal wasn't magnetic. Like AT ALL! I haven't ever heard of it happening before but the magnets weren't sticking. So, rather than thinking up a new way to arrange the tins I decided to pick up some more magnets and adhered one to the back of the tin and another to the sheet metal. There ya have it a way to display spices that actually works like I wanted.
There were a few missing since we were cooking when I took this picture.

 7. Once the magnets had been glued on I attached the sheet metal to my cabinet door with some hanging strips. 

8. Now I hate roaming bottles, they get stuck in corners and you have to dig for them. Hence the baskets. All of my spice bottles are arranged by baking or cooking and I can just grab the basket out whenever I need them. 

9. I also had some Lazy Susan's from Ikea that needed to be used so I put one on each of my lower shelves for 360 degrees of access. My top shelf is used for storage as you can see so any additional spices or extra vanilla ends up there ready just in case what I have runs out. 

Hopefully this will help y'all get some good ideas on how to organize your corner cabinets that just don't seem to fit the mold when it comes to functionality. Do you have any great organization ideas? If so shoot me and email or post a comment because I would love to hear about them!




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