13 February 2013

What I am Wearing Wednesday

Hey y'all  I am working to start a new series called What I am Wearing Wednesday. You see every night I try and pick out my outfit for the next day but I always find myself saying I have absolutely nothing to wear. Let me warn you though I have a closet full of clothes, and when I say full I mean the bar is a little bent from the weight and my husband had to get a different place to put his clothes.
These facts lead me to believe that I actually do have clothing but lack the imagination to re-imagine my outfits.

That is where my What I am Wearing Wednesday idea came in. I hope to pull one staple piece of clothing from my closet or dresser and show you ( and myself) how it can be transformed into some great outfits. My hope is that you will let me know if these outfits aren't the kind that would make my husband lie to me and tell me that I look great. You know the ones that in the back of his head he keeps thinking I really hope this is just a stage for her and that she will get over it. Yeah I hope to avoid those as much as possible.

I chose one of my favorite pieces in my closet for this week. Its comfortable, versatile and makes you look dressed up even though you are bathed in comfort. It's the jersey dress!
 Now let me explain to you why I love the jersey dress so much. This type of dress is breathable and moves with you. It's not clingy and is washing machine safe which means dog slobber, lunch and mud will come right out and not cost you a bundle for dry cleaning. Did I mention its comfortable? I probably did but really it needs to be re-iterated its like the sweat pants of the corporate world. Best part is you can dress it up or dress it down. Sundress or out on the town doesn't matter it will still look great on you! Accessorize with heels or boots and it changes the whole outfit. But enough about me what is your favorite closet staple that is versatile enough to dress up or down?

I'm sure that it doesn't matter to y'all but on a side note I had THE WEIRDEST dream last night. I mean it was weird because I don't usually remember dreams in great detail and this dream had a lot of information that I had no idea that I knew. The dream basically consisted of this. I was in the hallway at the Utah Valley University and Jef (with one f) from the Bachelorette was promoting his new line of drinking water Alien water and my husband had the gumption to go up and ask why his television relationship didn't work out. I was mortified and bright pink from embarrassment in the dream and basically in tears begging him to stop but he just wouldn't. Jef  (with one f) was really nice by the way and said that some times the best things just don't workout no matter how hard you try. Now there is more to that dream but it's a little fuzzy. Can I tell you that the feeling of embarrassment it actually what woke me up? I forgot to set my alarm but got up right on time with bright red cheeks. No lie if you don't believe me just ask Coach he was there when it happened. The best part of this is

1. I have never been to or attended Utah Valley University
2. I haven't watched the Bachelorette since Trista and Ryan's wedding.
3. I have no idea what Jef (with one f) looks like or even if he owns a water business
               a. I looked up Jef (with one f) and found out that he had something to do with People water. 
4. My husband always embarrasses me in public. It's a yearly occurrence so that wasn't weird at all.

My point is I think that I am a  sleep TV watcher. Not just any TV though romance reality TV.
That's all y'all just thought you would like to know.

Love ya-



1 comment:

  1. Your dream just made me laugh!! How strange is that though, that there were all those details that you knew nothing about?!

    But anyway, I love the ways you styled that dress...you have me inspired to do the same with a few of mine!!


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