09 July 2013

A day of 'Facepalms'

Hey Y'all-

I have been completely absent for awhile now. I know. Don't shoot me. It has been busy, really busy. I apologize... I've missed you. Does that help at all?

I hope so... because its true.

In other news, today was a facepalm kind of day. Don't know what facepalm means??? That's okay just click here, and here. Yeah... it was one of those. On days like this the quickest way to put me in a good mood is food. My life revolves around it. I dream about it, think about it and salivate over it constantly.
Luckily, I am not the only one in the family who loves food. The Hubbs loves it too. Where I am picky he is excessively and loves food just for being what it is. This being said his palate is defined for certain things. BBQ being one of them. He can spot a good Bar-B- Que place a state away. He's a Carolina boy after all so I'm pretty sure they teach it right along with History and Math in their school system ( Peeps I lucked out!)

After explaining my facepalm day to him he suggested that we go to BAM BAM'S BBQ. A new little place that just opened about a month ago in Orem. Let me just say we love food but BBQ especially! This did not disappoint. We got the brisket, ribs, pork with a sampling of all of their sides. I couldn't help myself the brisket was quite literally the best I have ever had. To be completely honest with you I don't like when people make over arching statements about something "its the best thing I have ever eaten" "it was the worst movie ever" you know things like that, but this brisket was so good that it has me breaking my own rules. The ribs were fall off the bone good, he never opens a can and everything is made fresh. I mean its gotta be good BBQ if the pit boss is named BAM BAM right?

The BBQ is Texas style but their pork reminds me a little bit of Carolina. Just good old really moist pulled pork. They give free white bread to make a sandwich if you choose and per the Hubbs "you can tell a place is authentic if they give you white bread with your meal." Not only does it come with bread but their BBQ sauce was an instant favorite of mine. It's not too thick and they have two versions Sweet and Tangy. We tried both but my favorite was the sweet, it complimented the white oak that they smoke with perfectly.  

The best part about this place is the people. BAM BAM has his story put up on the wall. His employees are awesome and greet you with smiling faces and aren't even judgmental when you order a second helping of the beef brisket. Not that I did that of course, that kind of thing isn't lady like. It would definitely be embarrassing. Yep I totally didn't do that. Summary: BAM BAM's BBQ best Bar-B-Que this side of the Mississippi.

Love y'all.


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