12 July 2013

Mary Mary Quite Contrary...

The Hubbs loves summer. Its really weird because I just don't.  Not many people agree with me but I'll take cold over hot any day unless there is a seal involved then there is no contest put me in the Sahara because those things are mean...( sigh )...

Sorry y'all I was wildly eating the leftovers of the Summer Garden Pasta that I stashed for lunch. Think of a starving Caribou finding a whole stock of grass (or whatever they eat) because that is how I just looked. You are welcome for that mental image by the way I am sure that you really wanted it. But that is just how good this pasta is. You see the Hubbs and I have been trying to shed some lbs before we go into winter hibernation and that means being a little more strict about what we put in our food. Don't get me wrong, I am a big believer in a having small portions of things that tend to make us salivate, but sometimes you have to dial it back even more. This recipe is perfect for that. Good on its own but its got enough of a clean palate that you can jazz it up too.

But to back track summer has its perks, you see summer is the perfect time of year to get fresh produce from the store, farm stands and your garden so the season has its redeeming qualities including; drive ins, swimming, and outdoor bar-b-ques. I just cannot get enough of all the really fresh options available to us. So when I saw some fresh cherry tomatoes and asparagus I knew we had to make something healthy out of them. Now this recipe is really easy and won't have you hovering over the stove for hours. It has a few steps and they are all workable around your schedule *BOOM* I just blew your mind huh?!

So lets get started huh,

2 strips of thick cut bacon
Thick column of asparagus
1c of cherry tomatoes
1/4 - 1-2 C red onion
1T of chopped garlic
Olive oil 
Red pepper flakes (optional)
Chicken stock
Parmesan cheese 
Whole Grain Pasta

To start I don't fry my bacon. It always gets everywhere and seeps into every crevasse of the house. Now I love bacon but having my neighbor know how much I love bacon isn't on my to do list. I cook my bacon in the oven on a sheet of parchment paper at 375* for about 15-20 minutes and then I flip it over. No mess during cooking time and all I have to do is pull up the parchment paper and throw it away. Just my opinion but it looks more like TV bacon when I bake it too. But that is besides the point. On to the cooking!

Step 1- Put your two slices of bacon on a parchment lined cookie sheet.

Step 2- Slice the bacon into a 375* oven for 45-60 minutes ( this time will vary depending on how hot your oven runs) 

Step 3- Wash your produce

Step 4- Cut tomatoes in half and pout them on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper

Step 5- Cut your asparagus into diagonal bite sized pieces, place these right next to the tomatoes on the cookie sheet.

Step 6- Cut up your red onion and throw it on the cookie sheet as well.

** If you want to cover your veggies and pop them in the fridge you can and cook them later if not go a head and spray some oil on them and hit them with some salt and pepper.

Step 7- place them in the oven at 375* and let them get cozy for 30-45 minutes. Check your bacon and flip it too for good measure.

Now go watch a show- preferably not Gone With The Wind or you will burn your dinner.

Step 8- Pull out your veggies and put the garlic on them and put them back in the oven. At the same time put your pasta on to boil.

Step 9- Once your pasta is done drain it and leave it in the pot. ( I cooked mine past al dente because there isn't really a sauce that it was going to finish cooking in) Then crumble up your bacon slices and put them in the pot with the veggies you roasted as well.

Step 10- Toss it all together ( add your spices)  and add a little bit of olive oil or chicken broth if its looking dry. Then plate it up and top it with some Parmesan cheese.

There you have it folks a pretty hassle free dinner that allows you to clean the lint traps while your veggies roast. I of course watched The Real Housewives instead of cleaning the lint traps because they have trained me that eventually someone else will do that for you.
* The Hubbs wanted Grilled chicken with it so oops on the
inconsistency with my pictures!


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