06 September 2013

It's that time again!

Hey all!

I am so excited about today's post! You see right now the Hubbs and I are kid sitting. I know you can't believe me but it actually is true, No one has gotten hurt or cried yet so I call it a win! That however is besides the point. When the kiddos were out playing with friends and watching football games I snuck away to my house to meet a contractor for a bid. While driving home I got an overwhelming feeling that Fall was a commin' (yep I showed you my Lehi Pioneer self). You see some of the leaves up here on our mountains were already changing colors, the fall fruits were out for sale on the fruit stands, it was the first game of the season for my Alma Mater, and (now this is going to sound crazy) the air smelled like fall. It was full, woodsy and with a hint of a crisp cold to it. If you think I have completely lost it you can stop reading I won't judge you. Promise.

 I got to my house just 2 minutes shy of the contractor arriving and when I walked in I was completely shocked at how messy the darn thing was. This is going to get personal here folks... and I will be completely embarrassed for even telling you this the next time I see you. Be warned. Since both the Hubbs and I work full time and don't see each other all day I usually will make the excuse that the little things can wait. Sweeping a room used to get done right when I got home. Now its half hearted and sometimes not done. I do however surface and deep clean on Saturdays but when a more appealing offer comes round (like attending the SLC Farmers Market) I have to jump at it.

I decided since it was the beginning of Fall and since the house was a considerable mess. That it was time to start the first leg of the Fall Seasons deep clean. I don't know about you but I will usually be so excited and get head first into a project, like a deep clean, and then about half way through I will usually loose my steam and go take a nap in my grubbies. I think that I have devised a plan to stop it from happening. I am going to do this deep clean over a week long period- maybe even longer if things get busy. It's gonna happen folks!

Today I am going to let you know how I best tackled my kitchen, I chose it first because its where most of the action happens in our house. We not only feed ourselves but feed our four legged companions as well. Because of the high traffic in the room it sees a lot of dirt and clutter. This isn't just a my house is really dirty cleaning schedule either I like to do at least 4 deep deep cleanings a year because it helps to make sure clutter doesn't build up and it keeps appliances in tip top shape. So off we go with my 25 steps to a repetitively deep cleaned kitchen.

Fall Kitchen Cleaning Schedule

Things you will need-
Clorox wipes
Gloves -If something is going to gross you out, or if you use bleach
Cleaning Cloths
Scrubber Brush
Garbage bags
Goodwill or DI boxes
Decision Box
Bleach, Pine sol and De-greasing soap
Broom or vacuum
Mop and bucket.

Ready... Set... Clean! (Don't want to read my diatribe... Just click here for a printable cleaning google doc)

1. Do a sweep of the kitchen and get all items out of the area that don't belong in the space.
2. Go through the remaining items that have been left on the counter and decide if you need the item. If so great make sure that it is in its place. If not then decide if you need it if yes we'll find a place for it. If you don't use or need it (this is where the Give away box comes in) then place it in the giveaway box to help someone who really needs it.
3. Once the sweeping is done, go through and wipe off all counter tops and then sweep the floors. This step may seem redundant but I hate trying to clean in a messy area. That makes me sound crazy. Let me explain. When deep cleaning I find it easier to deep clean an area when it is moderately clean and tidy. So everything put in its place already and dishes done floors swept etc. It doesn't have to be hospital clean just something that I can walk around without my shoes on and not get the dry heaves.
4. Now we can get into the nitty gritty. I move cabinet by cabinet and deep clean and de-junk. I first take out everything from the cabinet and go through them. If its food I make sure that I use it and that it hasn't expired. If it has I chuck it. then I use a Clorox wipe and wipe down all surfaces of the cabinet inside and out.
5. Finally I re-organize the products that were in there. For example all pasta products go together. Then I move onto the next cabinet until all of the upper cabinets are cleaned.
6. Once the upper cabinets are cleaned I usually have to empty out the garbage and take a little breather. If that's not for you then keep going and get all of your cabinets or pantry from the eye level down.
7. Next,  I move on to the fridge.

8. Throw away all of the past due condiments and anything that has eyes or feet that weren't there in the beginning. Then remove all of the items from the fridge and set them on your counters.
9.  I'll usually fill up a bucket with piping hot water and add some soap to scrub out everything.
10. I take a quick swipe to remove all loose debris from the fridge and then get my scrubber brush and hot soapy water and go to town. (Since the fridge is cold your water will end up being luke warm quickly enough so don't fret about the heat but if you are sensitive to it regular tap water will work too.
11. I dry the fridge and then re-organize the food and condiments and continue the process with the freezer. Generally, my freezer doesn't need much scrubbing so the process is pretty quick.
12. I will then take my vacuum and remove all of the debris from the bottom coils of the fridge. The first time you do this its pretty gross, but it can actually help your refrigerator run more efficiently.          
13. Now lets move onto the counter tops. Once every thing is organized. I split the room in half. All of the items that reside on top of the right counters I move over to the left side of the kitchen so nothing impedes my superior cleaning skills (or lack thereof).
14. I then begin my three step cleaning and disinfecting process.  First I dry dust. Then I wipe down everything with a Clorox wipe.
15. At this point I usually stop up my sink and make a warm bleach and water solution in it. ( if your hands are sensitive to bleach make sure to wear gloves because as magical as bleach is it can burn your hands like the dickens) I usually mix up 1 part bleach to 16 parts water maybe just a little stronger if someone in the house has been sick. I wipe down all of the surfaces and then dry with a clean cloth.
16. I move all of the appliances and necessities back in their places and then start the whole process over for the left side of the Kitchen. Looking pretty clean eh?!
17. At some point I will usually take down any curtains or material that decorates my kitchen and toss it into the wash to freshen it up. If your curtains can't be washed etc. spot clean and dust with a vacuum nozzle. When they are dry just hang them right on back up there. 
18. Window time. Take some window cleaner and have at it because you are almost done. Really I mean it just a few more steps.
19. Once the windows are clean and there aren't any little smudges I take to the floors.
20. First I sweep up all remnants of the days cleaning.
21. Then I vacuum the exact same places that I have swept because I am crazy and my broom never picks up as much as it should.
22. Then I get down on the floor, (yep!) and remove any stain or food etc that would be really hard to remove with a simple mop. These are usually few and far between so it doesn't take very long.
23. I also take a Clorox wipe and wipe down the walls and baseboards while I'm down there.
24. I mix up a bucket of Pine Sol and water and then go to town with my mop.
25. See all things are shiny and new, looking at least and don't you love the smell of a clean kitchen that is full of new possibilities.


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