09 September 2013

Junk Drawer No More

You know what one of my favorite things to do is, besides reading obviously, I love to stop fights before they start. I know I know y'all have excellent marriages and you haven't had a fight bigger than I feel like the dishwasher isn't full enough to run yet. But if I am being honest the Hubbs and I have a far from perfect marriage. Can I tell you that I love it that way, it keeps things interesting. Seriously, if I told the Hubbs to do something and I wasn't met with a smirk of complete annoyance and a sigh (this mostly happens when I ask to watch the Real Housewives of _________ or Harry Potter during a football game) I literally wouldn't know what to do with myself.

In all seriousness though I was able to completely avoid a fight this weekend. That's right folks, I cleaned out our "Junk" drawer. Something that apparently has been completely erking the Hubbs for probably as long as we have lived in our home. You see I grew up in a home that always had a junk drawer. It was a catch all for everything small and supposedly necessary. The mini containers of auto oil that a very generous salesman gave to my father at a teaching conference, they made an appearance in the drawer along with countless pens that didn't work and batteries that only had half of a charge. Our junk drawer usually held anything that you needed, though. It was like Hermione's bottomless bag in Harry Potter #7 P1.

Since it was a magical drawer I figured that I would establish one in our new home. Little did I know that the magic would not rub off on the Hubbs. It's ok though it really was a mess. I didn't even take a picture for your because it was that out of control. Since I have been trying to do some Fall cleaning that drawer was on my hit list and yesterday was its day. This my friends is how I avoided the inevitable argument of why is there a bunch of crap shoved in this drawer.

Please don't get me wrong, I really believe that you need to have a place in your house that is sort of a home for all things you will need when you least expect it. There are little things that you always need but don't necessarily have a permanent place for in your home. Little screwdrivers, a place for nails and screws, or a place for those batteries that notoriously grow feet and get a mind of their own right before Christmas. Honestly, a magical place like this has saved me more times than I can count. The key is keeping out the riffraff like pens that don't work and half sucked on cough drops that disgustingly find their way into the drawer.  So do you want to tackle a junk drawer too? The best way that I have found to do this is to plan it. Get everything that you will need ahead of time.

Junk Drawer No More- 

From The Desperately Happy Housewife

What you need: 

Space Organizers
Garbage Bag 
Give Away Box 
Scrap Paper
Sweep Box 
Ziplock Bags

First, get a measuring tape and measure the drawer you will be cleaning out. Record you measurements and then head over to the store and buy some little boxes or a utensil organizer. Either will work. When you get back to your house dig right in before you loose your willpower. Grab your give away and garbage bags and then get to work. If you haven't needed to use an item in the last year I say either chuck it or give it away, but its your drawer so do what works for you. 

I usually try to put things in categories and keep them in Ziplock bag: pens, batteries, nails, and little tiny hand sanitizer bottles. Only place like items in the Ziplock bags if the home for them will be in that drawer if they belong somewhere else then put them in your sweep box to be put away in their proper place at the end of the day. Will you do me a favor though, before you put any pens in a bag will you test them on a pad of paper. If they don't work let them go they have served their purpose.

Once the drawer is cleaned out then wipe it down and put in your space organizers. I took my drawer out and worked on it on my couch because it was a Harry Potter weekend on ABC Family and I wouldn't even miss it if I broke my leg and needed to get it super glued together. I'm lazy like that, it also made fitting the organizing cubbies in much easier. Once you think you have figured out a good system. Put your drawer back into its slot and then take all of the items you have already organized in your Ziplock bags and shuffle them into the space organizers. See you did a pretty time consuming step without even knowing it huh. I know I am so very clever, but only sometimes and never on Friday. 

When you organize everything you need make sure that it makes sense to you. I had to shuffle everything around a few times so that the items that we used the most were closest to the front etc. Oh and make sure that your drawer shuts, if not you might have a minor meltdown like I did when you feel like you have the PERFECT set up and then a pair of pliers just manages to get in the way. Guess what though, now you are done and you now are down one junk drawer and have a magical "utility" drawer? Would that be the best way to put it? Yeah that's what we will go with. Now go and do friends.


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