26 March 2014

W is obviously for Wings

Hey y'all hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the springish weather and sports programming. I know the Hubbs is, there is literally a game on every night. Usually, I take it as a perk that I get to read a book, craft a little or just hang with some uninterrupted me time. There are always exceptions to the rules though and usually when there is a big game on between my alma mater or on of my favorite teams I try to make man snacks and hang with the Hubbs every once in a while. Salads and flat breads really don't make an appearance on these nights because its all about man food, from what I have been told man food helps us win games!

What does get a chance to grace the menu you ask? well of course some Jalapeno poppers, cheddar queso dip and buffalo wings. The Hubbs and I love to frequent wing restaurants around Utah and a particularly famous wing chain has gotten me addicted. To my dismay they are completely and horribly fired to perfection locking in the juiciness of the meat and enveloping my taste buds in their saucy flavor. After our last little bout with these wings I ate so many of the little buggers I thought I had maxed out on wings for life. But then the craving returned shortly thereafter and I knew then and there I had to figure out a way to eat them more frequently without always looking forward to the  additional pounds that they inevitably  help me pack on. Hence my crispy baked chicken wing recipe was born.

These wings are baked and not fried so that is the first plus, the second is that if you really want to do the majority of the cooking either in a slow cooker or in the oven it gives you more time to prep for other snacks for the party. I usually buy a big big of frozen wings since the Hubbs and I could put away quite a few, and we will usually invite some friends to share in goodness. I chuck the wings in a nice thick baking dish with a cover and cook them for about 45 minutes to an hour.

Once they are done I get my favorite buffalo wing sauce and toss the wings all around and get them and set them out flat on a sheet pan. I then put them under the broiler to get a nice little char and some crispness to the outside. Now when you do this make sure to give it your full attention. Don't walk off and do laundry or answer the phone etc. You don't want to burn these babies. When you check on them and they are getting nice and crisp go ahead and flip them over and stick them back under the broiler so that they are crisp all around.

While the wings are in the oven baking away I usually whip up some semi healthy cooling dip. Depending on the sauce I am using of course. One of our favorites is tried, true and can't be beat. Frank's Hot Sauce. I love it with a cooling blue cheese dressing and celery. My favorite quick dip is a combination on blue cheese, greek yogurt, mayo and a packet of ranch seasoning. I take 1 cup of Greek yogurt and about three tablespoons of mayo. Mix those together and add a little ranch seasoning to taste. Try to add just a little as a time because you won't want to over power the blue cheese. Once everything is mixed in I add the blue cheese and some salt and pepper. Sometimes when I make this dip is can be a little too creamy. To solve this I usually add a little bit of  lemon zest and just a hint of lemon juice, that usually brightens it right up. Now go out get some wings and eat like a piglet in the comfort of your own home.

02 January 2014

Its 2014 and Resolution time...

Its that time of year again... when almost all blog posts start out with that first sentence. To be honest I haven't really been in the holiday spirit much this past season. Who knows why I just wasn't as into the holidays as much as I normally am. I think I'll blame it on global warming and buy a new purse.

Obviously, that will make everything better. As will posting about some of my resolutions for the New Year. In fact I dub this the year or not being a scardy cat. I am going to really try to do what I want this year without being afraid of what others think or might do because of it. I am really going to try and live my life for me and the Hubbs of course.

I took a day off of work recently and the Hubbs and I went on a day date to the movies. Can I tell you how awesome matinee's are?! Cheaper tickets for the same movie you were going to see at 7 and less people in the theater. If you get a chance do it, it's a win. But that is besides the point. The point is we went to see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. I had heard decent reviews but nothing off the charts. Honestly, I loved it. It's one of my favorites of 2013 and it might be one of my all time favorites. It was one of those movies that was exactly what I needed at the time in my life. It made me think and it made me want to change the way I look at the world and do things. Rather than living day to day in a little bit of work monotony I really want to try and start living in the moment and make those moments really matter. For example I want to stop trying to save my paid time off for a future "what if" and start using it when I want to.

Now please don't get me wrong, I love my life. I have everything I need and so many things that I have wanted. I have been able to do things and see/ meet people that I never thought I would get to do/meet. It's just that my life is significantly different than I would have ever imagined it to be. Many things that I thought I would do, I didn't. Some things I thought I wouldn't find I found. Ergo the Hubbs that I have, he is a way cooler and better person that I thought would ever be interested in me.

I want to try and be adventurous and take risks that I never usually would. Let's not go crazy of course but there are several instances in my life where I have very safely backed away from a challenging opportunity in order to take a very safe route instead. I want to change that even if its just a little bit everyday. I want to be the person that I had always dreamed that I would be someday. I just want to make that day today. I want to start today and keep going for forever but what journey is really complete without a few fun traveling companions? Will you come with me and help to keep me on track and taking some risks? We'll be joined by a very supportive Hubbs and two drooling pack dogs but I think it will be exciting and I would love to have you along. 

In the movie, LIFE Magazine where Walter Mitty works has a motto that I really liked. The purpose of LIFE is “To see things thousands of miles away, things hidden behind walls and within rooms, things dangerous to come to, to draw closer, to see and be amazed and to feel that is the purpose of life.” I love this interpretation, and I love that its open ended. It doesn't tell you why you want to do dangerous things etc. It let's you decide why you do them. It encourages you to do something, no matter what is your reason. Get out there and do it!

So rather than making a list of everything I would like to change or do this year I think starting out with a challenge to start being who I want to be and who I always thought I could be. Thanks for letting me vent... I would say it won't happen again but then I wouldn't really be being honest would I :) Happy day of new possibilities peeps, make it count and check in and let me know how things are going okay? I'll try to keep everything updated as well. I'm cooking prime rib tonight and if it bombs you best believe I'll let you know. Full disclosure is going to be great, so get ready to see a lot of failures and missteps because based on this goal this year is going to be full of them.
“To see things thousands of miles away, things hidden behind walls and within rooms, things dangerous to come to, to draw closer, to see and be amazed and to feel that is the purpose of life.”
Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/12/walter-mitty-dreams-up-the-purpose-of-life/#2zsutwFJh6fSz7Kt.99
Hey y'all I am Sara otherwise known as the Desperately Happy Housewife. When I am not working I am busy crafting, blogging and re-decorating my house. I channel Lucille Ball and Lauren Graham on a daily basis to get me through the "Oh my gosh I just sewed my finger" moments that often happen. I hope you stay a while and get a chance to see what makes me desperately happy.

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